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Photo by Steve O' Connor

Yes and Yes

Yes and Yes journeys through the episodes of Joyce’s Ulysses, exploring the sensuality, absurdity, release, and resignation of the book in movement with four extraordinary dancers and through film, sound, and design.

Photo by Luca Truffarelli

The Here Trio

The Here Trio brings the intelligence of the body to the fore, addressing often overwhelming issues of where we feel we belong and how we survive when things are beyond our control.

Photo by Steve O'Connor


Dēmos explores the desires and compulsions in the urge to move, the charge that circulates in a crowd, the connections between music and movement in shifting spaces of togetherness and separation.



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Tenderfoot Workshops

Yumi Lee at Tenderfoot 2022

Choreography and Composition Workshops

Comp and chor 5 1


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Lighting Design for Dance

Photo by Luca Truffarelli

Creative Audiences

05 Naher Liz Roche

Associate Artist

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Mufutau Yusuf

2022 - 2024

We are proud to have Nigeria-born Irish performer and choreographer Mufutau Yusuf as our Associate Artist 2022/2024. For more information hover and click.

Mufutau Yusuf by Davide Belotti

IntraSpaces Residency

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IntraSpaces is an experimental space for Liz Roche Company and The Irish World Academy to collaborate on research, performance and pedagogy/training. We are currently company in residence at The Irish World Academy, University of Limerick.

Modes of Capture Symposium

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Modes of Capture Symposium has become an established annual event within our long-standing residency and creative partnership IntraSpaces, at The Irish World Academy, University of Limerick.

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