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Through our Nurture, Investigate and Stimulate pillars, we aim to Nurture a new generation of dance audiences to enable people from all backgrounds to discover, interact with, and enjoy our work. Through our Liz Roche Company programmes, we encourage both dancers and arts lovers to experience the world of contemporary dance through the lens of Liz Roche Company.

Creative Audiences is an annual collaborative initiative which gives audiences the opportunity to engage on a deeper level with Liz Roche Company’s work through a free programme of open-access workshops, talks, rehearsals and performances. Through this project, we aim to build a new generation of dance audiences in Ireland, allowing people to discover and enjoy our work and with a long-term ambition of instilling a profound understanding and appreciation of contemporary dance.

In 2021, we undertook the task of building a more diverse and inclusive pool of participants from which to draw on for the coming years. We are currently working with three community groups; The Saol Project, Headway and SoloSIRENs. This project is a result of a consultation process between the company and key dance community leaders in the Dublin area and beyond and we continue to engage with these groups in our 2022 Creative Audiences Programme.

Learn more about our Creative Audiences Programme.

Delivered in partnership with The Lir Academy, Dance Ireland and The Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, our Lighting Design for Dance Project offers professional and post graduate dance-makers a three-month resourced environment to develop their skills in lighting design for dance.

Our aim is to offer a supportive and resourced environment to learn about and experiment with lighting design for dance productions. The project pairs choreographers with MFA students in lighting design from The Lir Academy offering a series of structured supports including:

  • Residency periods at Dance House to devise work
  • Guidance and mentoring throughout the process
  • Use of The Lir Academy and Irish World Academy theatre spaces
  • Technical support and expertise throughout the process
  • Informal presentation to an invited audience at The Lir Academy.

The project caters for choreographers who wish to learn more about the lighting design process, as well as provide experimental time for experienced choreographers who wish to realise a specific idea in advance of a creative process.

Learn more about Lighting Design for Dance

Lighting Design for Dance

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Creative Audiences

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