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Image credit Maurice Gunning

Alternately Terrific and Gentle

An ensemble of three groundbreaking choreographers/performers - Jodi Melnick, Liz Roche and Jenny Roche - evolve the concept of collaboration, having initiated the creation of this performance both prior to and during lockdown. This piece then ventured further with a series of filmed responses from 9 extraordinary choreographers, performers and artists across the world. It now takes tangible form as a performance/film installation at Limerick’s Light Moves Festival.

Photo by Steve O' Connor

Yes and Yes

Yes and Yes journeys through the episodes of Joyce’s Ulysses, exploring the sensuality, absurdity, release, and resignation of the book in movement with four extraordinary dancers and through film, sound, and design.

Photo by Luca Truffarelli

The Here Trio

The Here Trio brings the intelligence of the body to the fore, addressing often overwhelming issues of where we feel we belong and how we survive when things are beyond our control.

Photo by Steve O'Connor


Dēmos explores the desires and compulsions in the urge to move, the charge that circulates in a crowd, the connections between music and movement in shifting spaces of togetherness and separation.

Photo by José Miguel Jimenéz

Alternately Terrific and Gentle

12 collaborating artists in 7 countries working together in this dance transmission project inspired by moving bodies connected by friendship, history and coincidence.


Photo by Luca Truffarelli

Näher… closer, nearer, sooner

A site-specific promenade dance piece commissioned for the re-opening of the Goethe-Institut on Merrion Square in Dublin. 15 dancers brought audiences on a captivating and emotional journey through the exquisite new building, sharing visceral and moving memories, texts and dances.

2020, 2018

Photo by Clare Keogh


I/Thou responds to the work of iconic visual artist Brian O’ Doherty. The piece echoes the themes of migration, language and identity that are ever present in his work.


Photo by Luca Truffarelli


Performed in The National Gallery of Ireland, Totems moves in a series of intricate physical patterns resonating with the live score and imagining relationships to the surrounding memories, symbols and histories.


Promotion Photo by Luca Truffarelli
Production photos by Clare Keogh at Sirius Arts Centre


An immersive contemporary dance and live music installation created in response to and set within One Here Now; a series of wall paintings by Irish artist Brian O’ Doherty / Patrick Ireland.


Photo by Fionn McCann

12 Minute Dances

A collection of short works that appear as a wash of colour, movement, rhythm and emotion; human embodiment as a dynamic event. The audience completes the picture.


Photo by Ewa Figaszewska


WRoNGHEADED merges film, poetry and movement, to confront the realities of women's rights in relation to bodily autonomy and freedom of choice in Ireland in the lead up to the 2018 abortion referendum.


Images by Luca Truffarelli

Time Over Distance Over Time

A dance that explores personal experiences of migration asking the question; when we feel the distances between us somehow increasing, in a world that's meant to be getting smaller, how do we bridge the gap?


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