12 Minute Dances

Civic Theatre, Tallaght
Cork Opera House
Photo by Luca Truffarelli

A picture lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes of the sensitive observer.”



A collection of short works first performed in 2009 and being revived in 2017 for performances at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght and Cork Opera House. The works appear as a wash of colour, movement, rhythm and emotion; human embodiment as a dynamic event. The audience completes the picture.

12 Minute Dances was selected as one of the Irish Times Highlights of 2009 by Michael Seaver:

Liz Roche’s 12-minute dances for Rex Levitates Dance Company were carefully crafted and deliberately understated, and confirmed her position as the one of the most thought-provoking Irish choreographers around.” 


Choreography Liz Roche 

Lighting Design Kevin Smith

Costume Design Catherine Fay

Set Design Joe Vanek

Original Music by Edward Rosenberg and Joel Mellin

Original Cast: Grant McLay, Katherine O’Malley, Lee Clayden, Liz Roche, Cliodhna Hoey

2010 Cast: Philip Connaughton, Liv O'Donoghue, Katherine O'Malley, Jenny Roche, Cliodhna Hoey, Liz Roche

2017 Cast: Katherine O’Malley, Miguel do Vale, Liv O'Donoghue, Cliodhna Hoey, Ryan O'Neill, Ailish Maher.

Musician Sean MacErlaine

12 minute Dances Photo by Luca Truffarelli
12 minute Dances Photo by Luca Truffarelli


Throughout, flashes of colour inform Roche’s beautifully formed and flowing physical images, as six dancers, and a musician, convey moments of power and vulnerability in five pieces as stunning as they are moving.”


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