Alternately Terrific & Gentle

premiere Online
DATE & Time 13 December 2020 | 3pm

12 collaborating artists in 7 countries make a new dance transmission project between moving bodies connected by friendship, history and coincidence.

Due to the current Covid-19 government restrictions we will not be going ahead with the live event at The Complex Dublin next week. All ticket holders for the live event have been contacted and offered full refunds. BUT….all is not lost – the work will be available to view online on Sunday 13th December at 3pm and will be followed by a chat with some of the ATG collaborating artists.

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About the Work

Taking a different approach to making dance in collaboration with Irish and International artists Liz Roche, Jodi Melnick and Jenny Roche have created a new dance trio and have passed the creative baton on to a further group of collaborating artists who are individually interpreting the piece, bringing their own distinctive creative voices to the shared movement material. Liz Roche is working with film maker José Miguel Jiménez and a team of filmmakers overseas to create the films with artists Colin Dunne, Maïa Nunes, Mufutau Yusuf, Paul White, Liv O’Donoghue, Malcolm Low/Jodi Melnick and Justine Cooper, with composition by Robert Boston.
Ticket purchasers will receive a special package by post with creative materials enclosed.


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All materials compiled and designed by Liv O’Donoghue in collaboration with Liz Roche.

*Approximate duration is 50 minutes

Liz Roche, Jenny Roche, Jodi Melnick Photo by Maurice Gunning
Colin Dunne - Photo Jose Miguel Jimenez


Work began on the piece in 2019 and the intention was to make a dance work about transmission between dancing bodies for the stage that would bring together a group of dance artists from different corners of the world to perform in Dublin. Now with Covid-19 as part of our daily reality, Liz Roche Company had to find another way to realise this project. With continued rehearsals online and by creating films with filmmaker José Miguel Jiménez, Liz Roche has been co-ordinating the creation and filming of the works with the collaborating artists. The central trio, now danced by Liz Roche, Justine Cooper and Jenny Roche was filmed in The Complex Dublin with Liv O’Donoghue’s text based work with writer Rachel Donnelly being filmed at a Dublin office space. Colin Dunne’s film was created and filmed at St. John’s Church/Dance Limerick, Jodi Melnick and Malcolm Lowe’s duo is located and filmed in a quarry in upstate New York. Paul White is filming in a theatre space in Berlin with filmmaker Pippa Samaya and Mufutau Yusuf in contemporary outdoor space outside Brussels with filmmaker Davide Belotti. Maïa Nunes is creating a soundscape and visuals from her current home in Trinidad. New York based composer Robert Boston will score many of the works.

Inspired by an array of texts, music, letters and visual art - the title is taken from a love letter from composer John Cage to choreographer Merce Cunningham where he describes the intensity of rain one afternoon as “alternately terrific and gentle” and declares to want to “measure my breath in relation to the air between us”, passing through Leonard Cohen’s writing on how to speak poetry - “Speak the words, convey the data.... Respect the privacy of the material” and Bob Dylan’s protest song A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall, to visual artist Dorothy Cross, who working in sculpture, film and photography, examines the relationship between living beings and the natural world, seeing the body and nature as sites of constant change, creation and destruction, new and old.

In this transmission project between these dancing bodies, the artists looked to nature and how to capture an occurrence in all its wildly different materialisations; always in awe of the plasticity of forms that shape the same basic energies as they rear up into their full thunderous capacity, and then fall away to the gentlest of mists.

Alternatively Terrific and Gentle by Liz Roche Company Justine Cooper Photo Jose Miguel Jimenez
Alternatively Terrific and Gentle by Liz Roche Company Photo Jose Miguel Jimenez

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