Secondary Sources

premiere SS.Michael and John's, Smock Alley Theatre
Commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival
DATES 15 - 16 May 2010

There are influences that we carry in our bodies, in the way we move, that come from other people, places and events. This is true whether we are dancing, watching others perform or just being. In this new work, commissioned by DDF, choreographer Liz Roche creates a tapestry of movement meanings that reflect on the performers’ embodied connections between primary and secondary sources of inspiration. With a characteristically intimate yet agile movement palette, Roche and her dancers strive to bring these embodied connections, histories and perspectives to the fore.

Dublin Dance Festival brochure 2010

Secondary Sources premiered at Dublin Dance Festival 2010 at the SS.Michael and John’s (Banquet Hall) at Smock Alley Dublin.

The piece explored the intuitive processes experienced by a dancer in the process of making a dance piece. The dancer becomes a source for the choreographer to draw on and together a creative relationship is formed that crosses back and forth where the choreographer’s intentions, creative desires and aesthetic intertwine with that of the dancer they are working with. It is ultimately a reflexive journey for all involved and in this creation Liz Roche decided to follow this experience and to see where it would lead. 

The piece developed over the second part of 2009, beginning with a quartet that Liz Roche developed with Jodi Melnick, Juliette Map and Katherine O’Malley during a residency at Movement Research in New York. The quartet was performed at Judson Church New York in January 2010, supported by Culture Ireland and Movement Research NY. This quartet went on to form the centre piece of the extended version of the work created for and commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival 2010. 

The piece was structured around a quartet and sextet that formed an observing relationship with each other over the course of a work. The audience were seated in a specially designed half moon seating bank that complimented the half moon arrangement of the dancers in space throughout. The music was performed live by composers Ed Rosenberg and Justin Carroll.

The work was then invited to perform at The Baryshnikov Arts Centre New York in January 2010. Supported by Culture Ireland.


Cast Dublin & Tour 2010: Liv O'Donoghue, Justine Cooper, Arnau Castro, Phlip Connaughton, Cliodhna Hoey, Taryn Griggs, Jodi Melnick, Liz Roche, Katherine O'Malley, Matthew Morris

Cast New York 2011: Liv O'Donoghue, Chris Yon, Grant McLay,  Jenny Roche, Phlip Connaughton, Taryn Griggs, Jodi Melnick, Liz Roche, Katherine O'Malley, Matthew Morris.

Lighting Design: Nick McCall

Costume (Dublin): Jenny Roddy

Music: Ed Rosenberg, Justine Carroll

Cast Quartet Judson Church for Movement Research 2009: Juliette Map, Jodi Melnick, Liz Roche, Katherine O'Malley.


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