Film Screening 4 March 2021, 8pm

The Here Trio

Commissioned & Co-Produced by Maiden Voyage Dance
Presented in Partnership with Project Arts Centre, Tipperary Dance Platform & Dance Limerick

An intriguing reflection on space, history and the transitory, uncertain nature of our humdrum existence.


Liz Roche Company open 2021 with a dance film of THE HERE TRIO, their exciting co-production with Maiden Voyage Dance now screened in partnership with Project Arts Centre, Tipperary Dance Platform and Dance Limerick.
This interactive event with an online chat function and a post show Q&A is a brand new full digital dance piece which blends the recording of the live production with a filmed interpretation. 

The screening of this new dance film, filmed by Lucy Dawson, Shane Vaughan and Luca Truffarelli, who has also edited the new film and is a main collaborator on this work, runs on March 4th.

The Here Trio got off to superb live start in early 2020 and due to the continuing effects of Covid-19 ravishing the world, the company were unable to continue a live tour of the show. However, Liz Roche Company are thrilled to present the film of the work this month, to the audience that never got to see it live, together with Project Arts Centre.

The Here Trio premiered at The MAC, Belfast in February 2020, as part of Maiden Voyage Dance’s timely Boundaries and Belonging programme, which took place only one week after Brexit.

This special fully-filmed version is made from the original live dance staging of the show filmed at The Source Arts Centre, Thurles for TPD’20 International Dance Festival, and the original video work of that live version in The MAC Belfast, which was devised in response to Brexit – so the essence of this recalibrated work is like a film within a film.


Now with Brexit in full flow, Liz Roche’s The Here Trio gets to show this important dance work in another full format, so more people can try to understand the challenges of preconceived ideas about the right to belong in a place and how it reflects on our impermanent existence in the rapidly changing environments we inhabit.

Brexit is very much showing its true colours now, one year on, and this newly worked dance piece is also a commentary on what was before the Covid pandemic where the dancers’ movements in the film convey bodies that are slightly ‘out-side’ of themselves, agitated and driven, even stressed. Voices are independent from their speakers, images fracture and reform, and the senses are stuck in over exaggerated comparisons. Time doesn’t flow, but hiccups along, with memories and imagined histories erupting throughout. Including Luca Truffarelli, the piece is made in close collaboration with lighting designer Stephen Dodd and composer Bryan O’Connell.

The film moves between the original live performance to the newly adapted and socially distanced version from last October, to present this recorded version of the performance which is film of the whole production and ties it all together into one format. Creating new resonances with the idea of what it means to be “here”, especially now as we navigate this turbulent moment of change in our lives.

From the outset of this dance project in 2020, Nicola Curry Artistic Director of Maiden Voyage says, “We are delighted to be collaborating with Liz Roche Company to bring a timely work on boundaries and belonging to the stage with a combined all island creative team…. The politics of place impact us all in myriad ways but it is often forgotten that the body is our first home. This work brings the intelligence of the body that houses and holds our past and present experiences to the fore to address often overwhelming issues of where we feel we belong and how we survive when things are beyond our control.”


Following the film, audiences will be invited to attend a Q&A session via Zoom.

Panel includes Fearghus O’Conchuir (Choreographer/Dancer/Artistic Director), Luca Truffarelli (Videographer), Mary Wycherley (Choreographer and Director – Light Moves Festival of Screendance), Liz Roche.

In order to make this work more accessible, closed captions will be available to viewers and live during the Q&A.

An open-captioned stream is available to book here

Live captions will be available during the post-show Q&A. To access these, click the CC Closed Captions button when you join the discussion. You will also be able to access a fully adjustable page of live captions for the post-show here


Project Arts Centre, Dublin
Thursday 4 March @ 8pm / Tickets: 10 | Tel: 01 8819 613 

*Approximate duration is 50 minutes

**The film will also be available to ticket holders for 48hrs after. 


Proudly supported by The Arts Council, RTÉ Supporting The Arts, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and by Belfast City Council

Co-produced with Maiden Voyage Dance and screened in partnership with Project Arts Centre, Tipperary Dance Platform and Dance Limerick.

The Here Trio Film
The Here Trio Film


Cast Ryan O'Neill, Lucia Kickham, Justine Cooper, Sarah Cerneaux, Glria Ros Abellana

Directed & Choreographed by Liz Roche

Lighting Design by Stephen Dodd

Original Music and drum recordings by Bryan O'Connell

Sound Design & Visuals by Luca Truffarelli

Set and costume by Liz Roche

Filming by Lucy Dawson, Shane Vaughan and Luca Truffarelli

Video edit by Luca Truffarelli

Drum samples by kind permission of Jeremy Davis

Set build by Theatre Production Services

Original production commissioned by Maiden Voyage Dance

Co-produced by Maiden Voyage Dance & Liz Roche Company

Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland; by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland & by Belfast City Council.

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