Sarah Cerneaux

Sarah Cerneaux Headshot

Sarah Cerneaux was born in La Réunion Island and was raised in France where she started street dance at the age of 17. After working as a computer engineer for Alcatel Inc. she decided to redirect her career path to focus on dancing. She then joined the James Carles’ dance school in Toulouse.She passed her E.A.T. (Technical Aptitude Exam) in Contemporary and Jazz dance in 2003. After completing her degree, she moved to Paris and kept learning with teachers such as Corinne Lanselle, Carolyn Carlson, Julyen Hamilton and Junior Almeida.Since then she has worked with Abou Lagraa Company (2006-2014), Christine Bastin (2008), David Drouard Company (2009-2011), Vincent Mantsoé Company (2009-2012) and Maryse Delente Company (2012-2013) amongst others. She moved to London in 2014 and started to work with Liz Roche Company in Dublin on ‘Bastard Amber’. She joined Akram Khan Company in November 2014 and toured the production ‘Kaash’ for 2 years. Throughout 2017 – 20 she performed in The Here Trio,Wrongheaded’, Pilgrimage and I/Thou with Liz Roche Company. She teaches repertory for the Akram Khan Company and re-staged, in 2019, Bastard Amber on the graduating students of Lasalle College Singapore for Liz Roche Company. Sarah lives now in France where she works with the Amala Dianor Company and Desiré Davids company, while she continues to perform in Ireland with Liz Roche Company. She, recently, started to develop her own work.

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