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Fund a Dancer

To make our dance performances, we need the dancers and dance makers to do it.

Mufutau Yusuf by Davide Belotti
At Liz Roche Company, one of our long-term goals is to assist the development of a new generation of dance artists who can have sustainable professional careers in dance and can contribute to the wider contemporary dance landscape in Ireland.

Our Associate Artist Scheme allows us to foster growth and support of a dance artist to develop new work, training and their overall professional career. This programme creates meaningful and beneficial opportunities for Associate Artists to work with Liz Roche Company at the highest artistic level over a three-year period. We want to create further opportunities for our Associate Artists to grow, and our Fund a Dancer scheme will help us do that.

If you decide to Fund a Dancer, you will directly impact the growth of their professional career by offering them further access to studio space, training and resources for work. See below the different ways you can help.

Donating €100 will:

Get our Associate Artist 6 hours of Studio Space, contributing to their development of new work.

Donating €200 will:

Contribute towards costs of an Associate Artist taking part in an International Dance Workshop, helping to broaden their professional career.

Donating €300 will:

Fund a creative conversation between our Associate Artist and a choreographer, dancer or mentor of their choice.

Donating €500 - €1000 will:

Contribute towards costs of commissioning a new work from our Associate Artist.

Donating €3000 will:

Fund an entire year of residency for our Associate Artist at Liz Roche Company.

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