Tenderfoot Workshop 2022

Dancers Yumi Lee and Emily Terndrup in Dēmos by Steve O' Connor

Professional dancers Mintesinot Wolde and Vivian Brodie-Hayes share their experiences of participating in the Tenderfoot workshop 2022

On March 22nd and 23rd 2022, we invited six professional dance artists and choreographers to participate in our Tenderfoot Workshop with Artistic Director, Liz Roche and Development Artist, Yumi Lee, to receive an in-studio insight into the early stages of a creative process. 

We held this workshop with an intent to allow dancers to intimately observe, engage and participate in how a contemporary dance production is developed in the early stages. The workshop participants had the opportunity to engage with Liz Roche and Yumi Lee and be involved in their practice in order to gain a deeper understanding of the art while allowing them the freedom to develop their own work. 

This Tenderfoot opportunity also saw theatre director Wayne Jordan in attendance and he provided his expertise through feedback to the themes that Liz and the dance artists were seen exploring while developing their respective works. 

Speaking on their experience with our Tenderfoot Workshop, professional dance artist and teacher Mintesinot Wolde spoke on what he gained out of this intimate experience: 

Through the Tenderfoot workshop and working with such an ace choreographer like Liz Roche, with every material, whether small or big, I was able to learn how to project the clarity of choreography. I absorbed how to approach the movement in detail.”

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Dance artist Yumi Lee
Dance artists Yumi Lee, Vivian Brodie Hayes, Vitor Bassi, Mintesinot Wolde, Kate Haughton and Rocio Dominiguez
Dance artists Vitor Bassi and Yumi Lee
Artistic Director Liz Roche and theatre director Wayne Jordan

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