This Lost Year is a film by Liz Roche and Luca Truffarelli commissioned by the Irish Arts Center, New York, as part of their Grásta commissions series: Grace in Uncertainty.

 This Lost Year reflects on my experience of trying to remain creative in a time of artistic disruption. Searching for a fixed point to anchor my inspiration has been challenging in what feels like a sea of constant change and adjustment. Before filming with Luca Truffarelli, we discussed and planned our ideas and then promptly abandoned them on the day, choosing instead to go with the flow and respond intuitively to the empty scenery building workshop in which we shot the film, the images and projections that had been assembling in Luca’s mind, and the text that I had been scribbling at for weeks.

The result is a meditation on inspiration and the surprising and unexpected moments, memories and places where you find it.

Liz Roche

The IAC Grásta initiative is a series of commissions by a remarkable assembly of writers, musicians, and dance, visual and theatre artists, all responding to the idea of grace in uncertainty.


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